of the





The Association shall be known as the Battlefield Basketball Officials Association (BBOA) herein referred to as the "Association" to be established as a non‑profit association.




The purpose of this Association shall be:

            A.  Unite in membership fully qualified Basketball officials.

B.  Assist all Basketball officials to develop a thorough understanding of the rules of the

      game and mechanics of officiating.

C.  To encourage uniform interpretation of the rules.

D.  To study and improve the techniques of officiating.

E.  To develop, promote, and maintain the highest ideals of sportsmanship.

F.   To provide competent officials to officiate Basketball games in accordance with the rules.

G. To cooperate with all organizations connected with and interested in furthering the
interests and ideals of Basketball.




Membership in this association is available to any person regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, or sex who has passed his/her 17th birthday, is of good mind and moral character, possesses sound judgment, and is physically capable of performing the duties of a Basketball Official, and shall consist of those duly elected to membership as follows:


A.  Active. One who is in good standing and who has successfully met and passed all required qualifications for membership as listed in this Constitution and the By‑laws. To maintain active member status, the member must annually achieve a score of 70 or higher on the National Federation Examination, Part I or Part II.    Failure to achieve the required score shall result in automatic demotion of that member to Probationary Membership in this Association.  Each official will participate in the IAABO Refresher Annual Basketball Examination. 

Each official shall own and wear the approved BBOA Uniform as prescribed in the Associations By-Laws, Article IV, Section 6.

There shall be two categories of Active members, Primary and Non-Primary:


1. Primary. Those members designating as Members-in-Good-Standing with BBOA as their primary association. These members in good standing shall be given primary consideration for all game assignments to include all post season games unless otherwise approved by the Board of Directors.  All members must declare their primary association upon transferring in or joining BBOA.


2. Non-Primary. Those members designating some other association as their primary association. These members shall be given game assignments on an "as available" and "as needed" basis. 


B.  Inactive.One, who is an active member in good standing for any particular year, and who, because of extenuating circumstances, is unable to fulfill all obligations to the Association.  An active member may apply for inactive status, and if approved by the Board of Directors, may continue in an inactive status until he/she applies for reinstatement to active status. A member may remain in an inactive status for a period not to exceed 3 years from the date the Board approves the inactive status. No inactive member may vote or hold office. Upon approval by the Board of Directors of an inactive member's request for reinstatement as an active member in the Association, he/she shall immediately thereafter be afforded full privileges of active membership.


C.  Probationary. A prospective member-in training who has made application for membership in the Association and who has fulfilled all of the requirements for probationary membership or a former active member who has been demoted as provided in paragraph A. above.


1.  The commissioner, or his/her designated representative, shall administer the National Federation and IAABO Refresher Basketball Examination to all probationary members.  The probationary member must achieve a score of 70 or higher on the National Federation examination to be considered for active membership.  The results of the above written test shall be known to the Board of Directors.


2.  Each probationary member:

(a) Shall sign a Primary Association Declaration.

(b) Shall have all rights and privileges of an active member, except that he/she is not eligible to vote or hold office in the Association.

(c) Is eligible to receive and accept assignments of games commensurate with his/her ability and prior experience after achieving a score of 70 on the National Federation and take the IAABO  Basketball Examination.

(d) Shall retain this status until approved by the Board of Directors and formally accepted as an active member by the Association.  The Board shall present their recommendations for approval at the first regular meeting following the prospective member’s successful completion of the Association’s training curriculum and approval by the Board of Directors, at which time the membership shall vote on said application.


D.  Transfers.  Upon recommendation of the Board of Directors and approval of the membership, this Association shall accept transfers from other associations as Active Members and the Commissioner shall assign them to officiate upon the completion of national and state association requirements and upon determination of their capabilities.







The Executive Officers of this Association shall be a President, Vice President, and Secretary.  The Administrative Officers of this Association shall be the two Commissioners (A Scholastic Commissioner and a Recreation Commissioner). One person may hold both administrative offices.  All officers must be primary members of the BBOA.


A.  Term.  All Executive & Administrative officers of this Association shall be elected for a term of two years.  The term of office in this Association shall be from April 1, to March 31, or until their successors are elected or appointed.


B.  Nomination.  The President shall appoint a three-person nomination committee at the regular meeting in January.  This committee shall perform the duties described in paragraph A, Article IX of this Constitution.


C.  Election.  Election of officers shall take place at the regular meeting in March.  In such cases where there are more than two candidates for any office, if any nominee shall fail to obtain over one-half of the votes cast, then a run-off election between the two candidates having the most votes shall be held.  All elections of officers of this Association shall by written ballot.  No absentee ballots will be accepted.  Ballots will be tallied and the results announced under the direction of the Secretary.


D.  Removal.  Any officer may be removed at any regular meeting, after ten days notice to the membership, or at a Membership Meeting called expressly for that purpose, with or without cause, by a majority vote of the active members present.


E.  Vacancies.  The Board of Directors may appoint a member to fill the unexpired term of any vacant office.




A.  President.  The President will preside at all meetings, appoint all committees, assist the Commissioner in negotiating contracts and appointing a Training Officer or Training Committee, perform such other duties as are imposed upon him by the Board of Directors and these By-Laws, and serve as chairman of the Board of Directors.


B.  Vice President.  The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in his absence and act as parliamentarian, using Roberts Rules of Order as his/her guideline and perform such other duties as are imposed on him by the Board of Directors and these By-Laws.


C.  Secretary.  The Secretary shall assume the chair in the absence of both the President and Vice-President.  It shall also be the duty of the Secretary to:

1.  Take roll at each meeting and announce if a quorum is present. 

2.  Keep the minutes of all regular and special meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors; transact all correspondence, reporting same at the next meeting.  The Secretary may appoint a recording secretary to take the minutes of any regular or special meeting of the Association.

3.  Provide new members with all necessary publications of this Association, to include the Constitution and By-Laws.

  1. Commissioner(s).  The Commissioners shall have the following duties:

1.  Negotiate contracts for the Association as directed by the Board of Directors.

2.  Direct the Secretary, in writing, to contact interested organizations and obtain contracts or other agreements for the services of members of this organization.

3.  Assign officials according to their experience and qualifications taking into considerations any recommendations of the Training Officer or Training Committee.  The Scholastic Commissioner shall assign all scholastic games.  The Recreation Commissioner shall assign all recreation games, yielding to scholastic assignments.

4.  Maintain a record and other necessary files pertaining to his/her responsibilities, prepare service records and report qualifications of members to the Secretary, and make recommendations for the improvements in the conduct of the affairs of the Association to the Board of Directors.

5.  Deposit all funds of the association in a bank designated by the Board of Directors; issue checks in payment of expenses on liabilities incurred by the Association; and maintains orderly records of accounts. He/she shall also make a report to the executive board on a monthly basis.

6.  Maintain a service record of each member, embracing individual qualification, past and present experience, plus all pertinent details relative to a member’s record as an official. He/she shall show such service record to the individual concerned upon his/her request, or to the Board of Directors upon request of the President.  

7. Maintain such records as are necessary to permit an accurate accounting of the earnings of each official as well as those costs billed to each user of the Association’s services.

8.  By May 15th of each year, he/she shall prepare and deliver to the Board of Directors an annual financial statement for audit by a committee appointed by the President, and a complete report of his/her activities, unfinished business, and recommendations for improvement in conducting the affairs of this Association.




The Board of Directors shall be responsible for governing this Association and shall consist of the elected officers and three members-at-large.


A.  The three Members-at-Large shall be elected for a two-year term at the same time as the officers and shall be the individual members’ immediate representatives on the Board of Directors and as such shall make known to the Board the membership’s grievances and concerns.

B.  The Board of Directors shall:

1.  Be solely responsible for setting game fees.

2.  Be guided by the membership in setting policy.

3. Supervise, through the Training Officer or Training Committee, all probationary members until said members are elected to active membership.

4. Prescribe duties, fees, and authorize office expenses of the Commissioners, Secretary, and the Training Officer/Training Committee.

5. Elect the person to fill an unexpired term of any office, which becomes vacant.

6. Serve as the Grievance Committee to review game assignments and hear possible grievances by members.

7. Assess fines, and establish penalties and invoke punishment, as set forth in the By-Laws.


C.  Removal.  Any Director may be removed at any regular meeting, after ten days notice to the membership, or at a meeting of the membership called expressly for that purpose, with or without cause, by an affirmative vote of a majority of the active members present.


D.  Quorum.  A majority of the Directors shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of the Board.


E.  Vacancies.  The Board of Directors may appoint any member to fill the unexpired term of any member of the Board.


F.  All members of the Board of Directors shall be primary members of the BBOA.



A. Training Officer or a Training Committee shall be appointed by the Scholastic Commissioner with the assistance of the President.  The Training Officer/Training Committee shall coordinate all training for the Association and schedule all training dates and evaluations to insure there is a continuity of mechanics throughout this Association. The Training Officer/Training Committee shall be the official interpreter for this Association on all matters pertaining to rules interpretation or mechanics of officiating. All materials required to conduct the training curriculum will be requested through the Board of Directors.


B.  The Training Officer/Training Committee shall evaluate each member, briefly review the evaluation with the evaluated member after the game, and report its findings in writing to the appropriate Commissioner and the Board of Directors.  A game evaluation shall consist of a complete game observation, including pregame, if any.  Two officials may be evaluated during the same game.

C.  Each member shall be subject to two evaluations per year, and may be evaluated more at the members’ request or as authorized by the Board of Directors.  Members shall have a fee (as determined by the Board of Directors) deducted from their game fee for each game evaluated, provided a written report is submitted to the Board of Directors.

D.  Poor evaluations may be reported immediately to the Commissioner for appropriate action.

E.  Members shall receive a copy of their evaluations from the Commissioner and have an opportunity to comment, if desired.







Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions established by the By-Laws.



The Commissioners and Training Officer/Training Committee shall receive fees as determined by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership as set forth in the By-Laws.  Such fees will become due as the Association has been paid for each corresponding contract.




A.  Nominating Committee.  As provided for in paragraph B, Article IV of this Constitution, the President shall appoint a nominating committee.  This committee shall consist of three members whose duties shall be as follows:

1.   To select from the primary active members, in good standing, a state of nominees.

2. To validate, prior to announcement of such slate, that all nominees will be available and willing to serve in any office to which they should be elected.

3.   To announce the slate of nominees and to accept additional nominations from the floor, at the first regular meeting in March.

4.  To announce the final slate of nominees and to conduct the election at the last regular meeting in March, assisting the Secretary as election judges in the following.

(a) The preparation and distribution of all written ballots.

(b) Conducting the mechanical operations of the election, such as collecting and counting the ballots.

(c) Validate that such count of ballots is correct and announce the results.


B.  Other Committees.  The Board of Directors may appoint other committees from time to time to assist in the matters of the Association.




A. Any Member in good standing may propose a change to the standing By-Laws and Constitution.  All proposed amendments to this Constitution must be submitted to the Secretary in writing at least 21 days before the next scheduled meeting.  If proposal is not submitted within this 21 day window, the Board may elect to read the Amendment at the second regularly scheduled membership meeting.  The new proposal will be submitted to the Board of Directors for review.  Once this review is completed, the Board President will read the Proposed Amendment to the membership for their consideration.


B. This Constitution may be amended by reading the proposed amendment to the membership at a regular meeting.  A vote shall be taken at the next meeting at which time a two-thirds affirmative vote of the active membership present is required for ratification of the amendment.