The schedule of regular meetings of this Association shall he determined by the Board of Directors and presented to the membership. There shall be two (2) meetings in March of each year.

SECTION 2:  Special meetings may be called with seven (7) days notice to the membership by the President, the Board of Directors, or by request, in writing of twenty-live (25%) of the active members.

SECTION 3:Training sessions shall be conducted as scheduled by the Training Officer or Training Committee for rules/mechanics clinics, tests, training and for other related matters. The sessions may be scheduled in conjunction with a regular meeting on a not-to-interfere basis.

SECTION 4:  Thirty Three Percent (33%) of the active membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any regular or special meeting.

SECTION 5:  The order of business for each regular meeting shall be as follows: (I) roll call: (2) reading of the minutes: (3) report of the Secretary-Treasurer; (4) other reports: (5) unfinished business: (6) new business; and (7) adjournment.


SECTION 1:  Only active members in Good Standing are entitled to vote, each member having one vote.

SECTION 2:The President shall have no vote in the board meeting, except when votes are equally divided.


SECTION 1:  Conscientious attendance at the meetings of this Association by all active and probationary members is essential to the maintenance of the professional character and integrity of the Association. All members must attend all regular meetings, unless excused by the President or Commissioner.

SECTION 2:  Any member missing two (2) consecutive regular meetings for any reason must appear before the Board of Directors to explain the absences prior to being given any further game assignments. For the purposes of this Article, a member who is absent from any meeting because he/she is working an assignment shall be considered as having attended that meeting.

SECTION 3:  Attendance requirements for Training Sessions shall be at the discretion of the Training Officer or Training Committee.


SECTION 1:  Failure of a member to attend any scheduled meeting or required training session shall result in a fine of $15.00.  Members are allowed one excused absence during any regular season of meetings.  Habitual absences without approval may result in the suspension of that member.

SECTION 2:  Any member failing to fulfill an assignment shall, in addition to not being paid for the assignment will be lined $50.00 and become subject to the provisions of Section 11, Article IV of the By-Laws for any subsequent offense. The fine will be distributed in this manner: $30.00 for the association and $20.00 for the official who worked alone provided the working official made contact with his absent partner at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled game per Section 7 if this Article; otherwise the entire fine shall be paid to the Association.

SECTION 3:  Any member turning in a game assignment within 24 hours of game time, after duly accepting the assignment shall be assessed a fine of $15.00. The fine will be divided one-half to the Association and one-half to the Scheduling Commissioner.  Any member who turns in a game assignment after duly accepting the assignment will be assessed a $2.00 reassigning fee.  This fee is exclusive of the 24 hour fee stated above.

SECTION 4:   All varsity level officials assigned to Varsity Scholastic games will arrive at the game site at a minimum of one (1) hour prior to that games tip-off.  (NOTE: there is an exception to this rule when the official has a previous Fresh or JV assignment due to heavy game nights), Any member who works less than a complete game because of late arrival or early departure shall be fined an amount equal to one-half the game fee unless such arrival/departure is adjudicated unavoidable by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 5: No member of this Association shall directly or indirectly solicit games from any organization or team for the personal benefit of him/herself or his/her cohorts. Such conduct shall be deemed detrimental to the best interest of this Association.  Organizations serviced by BBOA shall submit their schedules and payments directly to the Commissioner.

SECTION 6:  Failure to own and wear the prescribed attire (BBOA Jacket; National Federation Shirt; Pleated Belt less Slacks, FOX 40 whistle with black lanyard; all Black Shoes; VHSL and US Flag emblem) shall warrant a Fine of fifteen dollars ($15.00) per offense. The provisions of this Section shall apply to the attire prescribed for travel to and from all assignment as well as officiating.  Failure to own and wear the approved BBOA uniform will be cause to be classified as a member Not in Good standing by the Board of Directors and official will be removed from any future schedule.

SECTION 7:  Every official given a game assignment shall have the responsibility to call his/her assigned partner at least 24 hours prior to the game. Members may not switch game assignments without the prior approval of the Commissioner must be approve of the switch in ABITER in advance.  If by 12:00 Noon on game day the Referee has not heard from his crew members and his/her attempt at communicating has failed, the Referee will contact the Commissioner, who will make reassignment decisions.  The officials on that crew will be assessed a $15.00 fine for failure to communicate within the crew.  If the Referee fails to call the Commissioner and there is a No-show, the Referee will be assessed a $15.00 fine for failure to lead the crew.

SECTION 8:  A member, or his/her assigned partner, shall report all violations of this Article to the President and/or Commissioners within 24 hours of the violation.

SECTION 9:  Fines may only be waived by the Board of Directors, in extreme cases after receipt of a written explanation from the member in violation.  This explanation must be submitted no later than the next regular meeting of the membership following the violation.  Only personal illness, family emergency, work schedule, or conflicting game assignment shall be considered as legitimate reasons for missing any scheduled meeting, training session or game assignment. A member should notify an Officer of the Board of a problem in advance if any of the above listed situations apply.

SECTION 10:  Game officials shall report all unsportsmanlike conduct by fans/coaches to the Commissioner within 24 hours of the game.  The Commissioner shall advise the Board of Directors, which shall take such action as they deem appropriate.

SECTION 11:  Any member violating the provisions of’ Sections 1 thru 9of this Article or guilty of actions deemed by the Board of Directors to be detrimental to the best interests of this Association, shall be subject to a fine, suspension and/or expulsion, as determined appropriate by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 12:  All fines shall be deducted from the member’s earned fees prior to payment of such fees and shall be made part of the Association’s treasury unless otherwise provided herein.

SECTION 13:  A suspended or expelled member shall not be eligible to receive assignments or participate in regular or special meetings.

SECTION 14:  Any member of this Association suspended or expelled for violating the provision of the Constitution or By-Laws of this Association shall have the right to appeal such suspension or expulsion in accordance with the provisions of this Section:

  1. The member shall appeal his/her suspension/expulsion in writing to the Board of Directors within 10 days of official notification.  Upon receipt of the member’s appeal, the Board of Directors shall cause the member to be notified in writing as to the time and date the member shall appear before the Board of Directors to present his/her appeal.  The Board of Directors must meet within 14 days of receipt of the member’s appeal.
  2. A majority vote by the Board in support of the suspended/expelled member shall cause that member to be reinstated with full benefits and privileges.
  3. Rejection by the Board of Directors of an appeal for reinstatement may be appealed in writing to the President within 72 hours of notification of such rejection by the Board.  Upon receipt of such written appeal, the President shall, at the next regularly scheduled meeting, present the facts surrounding the suspension to the membership and call for a vote by the active members present to affirm or negate the actions of the Board of Directors by a majority vote.
  4. A suspension or expulsion shall remain in force during the appeal process. No period of suspension may exceed one calendar year from the date a member is notified in writing or his/her suspension.  Any member expelled Must apply in writing to the Board of Directors for re-instatement.  A majority of the BoD must vote for re-instatement or the request is denied.  If re-instated the official will on probation for one calendar year.  If any other infractions occur, the official will be irrevocably expelled with written notification to VHSL.

SECTION 15:  Procedures for the appeal of a fine shall be the same as stated in paragraphs “A” and “B” of Section 14 above; there shall be no appeal to the membership.



SECTION 1:  The Association, as compensation for the Commissioners and Association expenses, shall charge all organizations a booking fee Determined by the Board of Directors.  The Commissioners and Association shall receive a fee as determined by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 2:  The BoD shall appoint a training officer to oversee the training, be a member of the training committee and provide official evaluations as required.  Compensation for this position will be derived from the contract booking fee and as determined by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3. Commissioner/Treasurer Fee will be derived from the school booking fee and be established by the Board of Directors.



SECTION 1:  In order for a probationary member to become an active member, he/she must:

A. Successfully complete the Associations’ training curriculum:
B. Achieve a score of 70% or better on the National Federation Basketball Examination.
C. Receive approval by the Board of Directors.
D. Receive approval of 75% of the membership present and voting at the regular                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   meeting at which his/her application is voted upon.

E. Render payment of all annual fees as set forth in Article VII of the By-Laws; and
F. Sign the Association contract, if any.

SECTION 2: Reinstatement of inactive or suspended members to active membership shall require a written request from the member to the Secretary and the payment of active membership dues and fees. A reinstated member is eligible to vote and hold office in this Association immediately upon receipt of the written request, approval by the Board of Directors, and payment of all dues to the Secretary.



SECTION 1:  The membership year shall be from 1 April to March 31.

SECTION 2:  Annual fees and assessments for active, probationary and inactive members shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3:  Qualified officials assigned to games will receive a monetary fee for services rendered in accordance with established fees approved by the Board of Directors.  Officials must be Members-in-Good Standing to be assigned games at any level.

SECTION 4:  Any member deficient in payment of monies due to the Association may be assessed a late charge and will be ineligible to receive game assignments until the indebtedness is discharged.

SECTION 5:  Members accepting game assignments from any other source than BBOA shall be deemed independent contractors and shall not be considered employees of the Association.

SECTION 6:  Any money due the Association by a member may be deducted from that member’s check, prior to any payment to the member.



  Upon receipt of a report that a member may have acted contrary to the best interest of this Association, or violated the Constitution or By-Law, the President shall refer the matter to the Board of Directors which will conduct an investigation and report their findings and recommendations to the President within 14 days.



SECTION 1:  All proposed amendments to these by-laws must he submitted to the Secretary in writing.

SECTION 2:  These By-Laws may be amended by reading the proposed amendment to the membership at a regular meeting. A vote shall be taken at the next regular meeting following the reading of the proposed amendment.  A sixty six percent (66%) affirmative vote of the active members present is required for ratification of the amendment.